About Us

Founded in 2009

Founded in 2009, BnBBreaks.com is an established destination for finding the best bed & breakfast and self-catering accommodation in South Africa. We make finding a great place to stay as easy as possible by listing over 1,500 accommodation providers across the country.

We believe that in order to make a decision on where to stay, you need to see photos, and we therefore only list properties that provide us with at least 3 descriptive photographs of their property. We are constantly working to improve the quality of the information we provide in order to help you make the best decision you can about where to take your next holiday.

No booking fees or commission

Though we do charge an annual listing fee, we do not receive any booking fees or commissions and are therefore able to offer a fair and impartial service to all property owners and website users. Booking enquiries are sent directly to the B&B owner in order to provide you with the quickest response to your enquiry.

Based in Howick, South Africa

BnBBreaks.com is run from Howick, South Africa. Our technology is managed by Archeris Limited, a web development company based in London.

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If you have any feedback or thoughts on the site, or would like to discuss an idea or partnership, please drop us a line at admin@bnbbreaks.com. If you would like to list your property, simply click the button below to get started.

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