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About our Greater Durban accommodation listings
  • Bnbbreaks.com provides comprehensive listings of bed and breakfast and self-catering accommodation in Greater Durban. We charge no booking fee, and all enquiries are sent straight to the property owner, who will respond to you directly.
  • Property owners are required to update their listings at least once a year to ensure all details are correct and that prices are current.
  • With B&B's and guesthouses, services can differ substantially between each property so it is important to find out what is included within the prices quoted, things such as private bathrooms, meals and laundry should be confirmed with the accommodation provider prior to making a booking.
  • Bnbbreaks.com is a leading provider of B&B accommodation, guesthouse accommodation and self-catering accommodation in Greater Durban South Africa.


Find your next holiday by searching our database of the best B&B and self-catering accommodation available in South Africa. We take no commission and we send all booking enquiries directly to the property owners.

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